What Can We Do About It?

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to thinking they aren 't good enough, women would most likely be taken away and are more likely to be tortured or raped. Women aren 't meant for fighting, men are. If we enable the women from engaging in combat, we would have a safer country, and a happier life. I will be researching the following questions; What can we do about it? If we did this how would it affect us? Why don 't we do this? Would/Are Women Treated Equally While in Combat? Background Information Women did engage in combat in WW2 and other wars, although many people such as D’Ann Campbell questioned if they should have. Men have more physical ability than women do, which is a need when engaging in combat. Also, when men and women work together, the women could get easily raped, and a woman who is pregnant isn 't a good women to engage in combat. Men could get mad at the fact that women are engaging in combat with them. Lastly, it would be safer for the people in the United States. First of all, men have more physical ability. Its a proven fact. Yes, women do have strength, just not as much as men do. Nothing against girls, bet we are kind of weak (being a girl myself). Men were built to have a tougher body, and have more muscular strength. Men also have more ability to conceal their emotions. Women get very emotionally upset, and they can 't control it. Men can hide their feelings or take it out on our enemies which is a good thing. Women can 't hide their feelings as well. They would cry and they
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