What Can We Do For You?

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Erica returned to sick bay to check on Wallace, he was still in his cocoon, Elle stated that the information she has that it would take up to twenty-four hours for the transformation. When he or it awoke it would be ravenous, it would have no problem eating any of the crew. Marybeth explained to Erica that part she wasn’t surprised by it, her and Wallace were scheduled to be the evening meal when they were on Nova. The big question was would the isolation unit hold it, and if it did what would they feed it. According to Elle it would only eat meat and would consume huge quantities of it, far more than they had on board. Erica has asked Major Wakowski and Senior Master Sergeant Smith to come to the sick bay so she could speak with them. The two men thought it odd that she wouldn’t discuss it over the communications system. They told her they would be right up, and true to their word they arrived within ten minutes. “What can we do for you doc?” Major Wakowski asked her. She discussed with them what was happening to Dr. Lee, needless to say they found it all hard to believe until she allowed them to look into the isolation room. She told them SSG Bell knew about it, but she had ordered him not to speak to anyone. As far as the Senior Master Sergeant was concerned he didn’t care what Erica had ordered him to do, Bell should have told them, he’d talk to him about that later on. “What do you want from us doctor?” Major Wakowski asked. “We need one or two of your men…

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