What Can We Do?

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What Can We Do
Ever wanted to grab something to eat, and all the cheap food options were where junk food? Have you ever once gone out of the way to go to a grocery store to not have enough money to spend on fruits, and vegetables, but end up buying 5 cartons of ramen noodles instead? Majority of our foods that are easily accessible are processed, therefore making junk food enticing and easier to buy. (Union of…) Having healthy food more expensive is dangerous for ourselves, and for our communities. Many poor communities do not have a supermarket available to buy fruits, and vegetables, and most of the time can’t afford to buy nutritious food for their families. Because of high demand, and limited supplies, companies will raise their prices to meet their profit margins. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of communities to step in and make healthier food more obtainable for majority of Americans, which will also lower high obesity rates in America.
When you walk into a grocery store, or supermarket, most of the foods they have are heavily subsidized. Making them cheaper and more accessible. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, farmers growing fruits and vegetables – known as “specialty crops” in the world of farm bureaucracy – are largely left outside the system. It’s harder for these farmers to obtain credit or crop insurance, which makes their work a much riskier proposition. Capitalism plays a huge roll in all of this. Without strict laws and regulations,…
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