What Can We Do Summary

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The readings from this week focused on the different philosophical aspect of service, along with the hazards or responsibilities of engaging in service. Johnson, in his article “What can we do?”, argues that in order to make a difference in the society first we should be able to face the facts that privilege and oppression exists in the society and then, should be aware of the fact that it takes time as well as awareness, reflection and selfless continuous participation to become a part of the solution. It is imperative to understand that the change won’t happen suddenly, and there is a possibility that we won’t be able to see the change, but as Gandhi points out, it’s vitally important that we do it anyway. Relating from the reading “Power, Oppression and Difference”, from week 3, he continues to encourage his readers to think of the trouble surrounding us as “everyone’s trouble”. People usually feel that they just have to take care of themselves, and they are responsible for just their own problems, but the fact is that being involved in any practices of society make you a part of it and all the problems associated with it. Just as he discusses the…show more content…
She expresses that volunteers alone can’t succeed, and while they are in no way replaceable, they need the support, structure and financing provided by government programs. But, it’s also true that government can do little help when parents engage in behavior that is self-destructive to their families. I believe that either volunteers or government can’t replace parents, but an army of volunteers working with families could improve the paenting more than any government
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