What Can We Do?. We All Know What Happens. We Hear It On

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What Can We Do? We all know what happens. We hear it on TV. We see it in the newspapers. We warn our girls about the probabilities that they might be a victim too, a victim of rape. Why is it that we have a rapist in the world? Are not we taught that ethically and morally we must treat each other as we want to be treated? Who would want to be stripped of their clothing, stripped of their independence, and stripped of their sense of security and safety. Is it a natural phenomenon? Is it something that we have inherited from animalistic instincts for sex or dominance? Or is it just mental issues that arise in rapists? Oddly enough, even though sexual assault happens often in society, it is swept under the rug and forgotten about with other…show more content…
Groth also noted to other types of rapists: anger rapists and power rapists. These types might sound alike, but they are actually very different. An “anger” rapist will do anything they can to make a victim feel powerless, humiliated, and worthless. They will make sure to be as brutal and violent as they can be when striking them down, tearing their clothes, and sexually violating them with little to no mercy. On the other hand, “power” rapists want to act out a sexual fantasy where the victim would first reject the rapist but later find themselves enjoying the rape. Power rapists are among the most common rapists in America. This type of rape stems from low self-confidence, creating the need to feel adequate in a world where they may be having problems, such as financially, psychologically, or even just problems fitting in with their peers (Groth, p 44-45). The United Kingdom 's media outlet called The Telegraph did an article on why men rape. In the article there is a man named John who confesses to being a multiple offender of rape and indecent exposure. In his story, he describes how he started to rape when he was fifteen, stating that the experience gave him some sort of pleasure and feeling a validation to be able to have someone. Also, at a young age John was molested by friends of his family. This left a sense of anger towards his parents and family for not

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