What Can We Learn from Luke About Jesus’ Attitudes to Women? Essay

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What can we learn from Luke about Jesus’ attitudes to women? In order to discuss what we can learn from Luke about Jesus’ attitudes to women we must first understand a little about Luke himself. According to Charpentier E (1981:81) Luke had been seen as the, ‘beloved physician’, which is also cited in Hayes, M A. and Gearon L (1998:145) whom further state that Luke travelled with Paul from Troas to Philippi in Greece, Paul, (Col 4:14) expressly calls him, ‘the beloved physician’. He was in fact Paul’s medical adviser. Luke’s acts were written in c AD 80. The status of women in Palestine during the time of Jesus was very decidedly that of inferiors. The women is, ‘in all things inferior to the man,’ as stated by first century…show more content…
Luke goes on further to highlight how Jesus allowed women to touch him, even women who were considered as ‘unclean’! According to Luke (8:40-56), Jesus touched a dead women, the daughter of a synagogue ruler, and brought her back to life, within the same verse Jesus allowed a women who had been bleeding for 12 years to touch his cloak in order that she may be healed. Further to this Jesus allowed a prostitute to touch and wash his feet while dining with disapproving Pharisee (Lk 7:3) In addition to this Luke also has the story of Martha and Mary were Jesus taught that women were just as responsible for, ‘growing in grace and knowledge as men,’ when it came to being one of his followers as cited by Grace Communion International. Therefore, Luke highlights that Jesus expected women as well as men to learn from him. Jesus saw woman as a full-fledged human being, which is indicated here as Mary sat down and listened learning theology, rather than assisting her sister within the kitchen preparing a meal for Jesus. Luke identifies Jesus regard for woman again as he after all taught Mary, when such behaviour was a violation of the established theology. Jesus thus affirmed a women’s right to be a disciple and not to be concerned solely with domestic affairs. Further to this, is another fascinating account according to Luke (13:10-13) when Jesus heals a disabled women on the Sabbath day in the

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