What Can You Help The Mineage Network?

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What can you bring to the Mineage Network?: I have been playing on this server for a while and know how the staff team works. I think all the staff on Mineage are great and that makes me realize how hard it will be to get Helper, but I feel that I can.

I know a lot of the staff commands, owning small servers and seeing how they work. I have messed around with a lot of stuff, even making my own small plugins. It helped me understand the whole concept of being a staff. I am also a pretty fast at typing, which allows me to easily ban/mute people when needed. I sadly used to hack, and I know a lot of the hacks. I played 2b2t for a bit and learned a lot of ways to hack from that. As soon as I found out you couldn 't have hacks on your pc while playing Mineage, I deleted them. But while on 2b2t I know how people use these hacks, and now I know how to stop them.

I help out quite of few people in chat. Mostly the members. They will ask for kits, help on plugins/commands, and just the basic stuff. And I can easily help with that kind of thing. I would love have someone be able to message me about a hacker at spawn or desert, it would be the best feeling to be able to catch someone right away without needing to record them, post it and wait for the process of them getting banned. I was asked to help watch some hackers for Zorina. She was the only staff member online and there were a few hackers on and a lot of people complaining about it. It looked a little overwhelming for him. She…
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