What Can You Join The Archcf Network?

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IGN: 169

Age(Must be atleast 14): 15

Timezone/Country: GMT

How active will you be?: Monday to Thursday- I will be active for 2-5 hours.
Friday- I will be active for 4-6 hours.
Saturday and Sunday- I will be active for 5-8hours.

Any previous experience?:
I have been owner on EbueHCF which had 40-50 players SOTW.
I have been staff on Crewniverse which was a minigames server which had about 400 people on it but it was extremely toxic and was shut down.
Random Small Servers- I have been staff on random small servers just to help them grow and help get them started. I enjoyed this so much as i love to see new servers thrive.

What can you contribute to the ArcHCF Network?:
I can contribute a lot to ArcHCF, i will list why down here.
I am Trustworthy, if i have to keep a secret i won 't go around telling everyone because i 'm not that type of person. I am also loyal. I would never give my account to Custom or any hacking groups as i am Loyal to this server.
I have respect for players as well as other staff members. I always listen to all the opinions and then say mine and i always take into consideration other peoples ideas out of respect. I always treat the players with respect when talking to them in teamspeak and when helping them in game.
Also, I think I should be accepted as staff because i 'll be active and I will not discriminate against people or religion or age or voice. In general i 'm here to help the people that play ArcHCF. I also feel like i should be accepted

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