What Can You Protect Your Dream?

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5 Ways to Protect Your Dream Whether it 's a book, a business, an idea or a vision, it’s your dream and it 's important to protect it. Often when we think of protecting our dreams, we think of getting our copyright, locking in our domain, getting our patents and our trademarks and while the copyright will protect your book, and the trademark will protect your brand, how will you protect your dream before the copyrights, patents and trademarks are established? Cyber security and data security are scary terms that we don’t think of in relationship to our businesses but the truth is that we - small business owners, authors, designers, musicians, and dreamers - are targets for hacking, hostile computer takeovers, malicious software attacks,…show more content…
Password keepers are available for your computers and mobile devices. Anti-virus / Anti-malware Software: Anti-virus software is an important preventative tool, but it is one that people often overlook. Whether you have a PC or a MAC, you need an anti-virus program installed, updated, and running on your computer. An anti-virus program will alert you about any malicious files that find their way on your computer. A good anti-virus program will scan your computer for malicious files and remove any malicious files it finds. Anti-virus programs can also scan websites and downloads to prevent malicious downloads and inappropriate websites. The options for anti-virus programs vary so it is important to read through what the programs offer. If you have not been using an anti-virus program on your computer and are having problems, you may want to consider downloading and running an anti-malware program like Malwarebytes to remove any malware that may be hiding in files on your computer. Malwarebytes can locate and remove advanced threats that an initial scan with a typical anti-virus program may miss. Malwarebytes can also be used in conjunction with most anti-virus programs to provide full protection of your computer and your files. **NOTE: If you are a MAC User, you still need anti-virus software. Backups: Protecting your data is to back up your data frequently using a secure back up method. There are

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