What Can You Tell About A Population By Looking At Its Population Pyramid?

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What can you tell about a population by looking at its population pyramid? Population pyramid is a visual representation of a population and it’s distribution with relation to the young, old, female, and male individuals residing in a particular country or region. Each horizontal bar within the pyramid represents a 10-year birth group; in other words, each of the bars represents individuals born during that same 10-year period. By comparing these bars we can identify approximate proportion of each birth cohort and any population growth, decline or increase/decrease in the death rates. For example, baby boomers bulge is reflected in the 2000 population pyramid of the United States, and those that follow. However, as we take a look towards the bottom of the same pyramid we can see that the pyramid begins to reflect a “bean stuck” shape, which is indicative of decline in fertility, less people are having children (they are replacing selves, but are not increasing in number). As we look at the projected 2025 and 2050 population pyramids we can see that the pyramid takes on more of the “bean stuck” shape further supporting the fact that there is a decline in birthrates while at the same time reduction in death rates for the older cohorts. These findings are important for financial and health care perspectives because as “baby boomers” group is aging, they will require increased medical and financial support. According to the population pyramid there are more “baby boomers” than

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