What Can the World Learn from Tanzania? Essay examples

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Tanzania is one of the most remote countries in the world; Located on the western coast of Africa, Tanzania has virtually no organized military (reservists are comprised of farmers and militia types) and lives a very poor lifestyle, but they may be the exact model of what is required for coexisting in peace.
1. Tanzania
a. Unity Through Subdivisions
b. Military Outlook
c. Overall Intent

2. Government
a. Overall government
b. Separate tribes
c. Social Issues
i. Theft ii. Punishments

3. Economy
a. Value / Commercial Activities
b. Poverty
c. Currency and Trade
d. Agriculture

4. Culture, Customs and Courtesies
a. Languages vs. Regions
b. Acceptable Behaviors
i. Men and Women
5. Geography
a. Regions
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The Tanzanian Military includes an Army of 45,000 Soldiers, an Air Force of 3,600 Airmen and a Navy with only 1,000 members. Having such a small Navy it is difficult for the Tanzanians to defend their seven exchange ports; Bukoba, Dar es Salaam, Kigoma, Musoma, Mwanza, Tanga, and Zanzibar, but there is not much of a regional threat to them either as the other connecting countries utilize these trade routes as well. There are also 14,000 paramilitary troops and 85,000 members in the reserves. The reason for so many reservists is for situations like the cross border attacks from Uganda in which restructuring of the borders was threatened. The Tanzania Peoples Defense Force (TPDF) was established in 1964, once the United Republic of Tanzania was formed. The restrictions on the TPDF are: men can volunteer from age 15, or at age 18, and two years of compulsory service is mandated after graduation from secondary school. Therefore, this would be a very young and inexperienced Army should a conflict arise. Their only mission is to defend everything Tanzanian! The Military is always reminded that they are a people’s force under civilian control. Unlike their neighbors, Tanzania has never suffered a

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