What Career Do You Aspire?

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What career do you aspire? A question that is inevitable to all of us. Many of us struggle to find out the career that we are going to pursue. For many a decision of choosing a career comes when they are already in college and for others they seem to know at a young age what career they are going to follow. There is a group of professionals that we cannot live without; in fact we rely on them for good health and to save our life and the lives of our loved ones, and they are the Doctors. It is a very difficult process to become a Doctor, they should definitely be considered higher than the most of us. Unfortunately, it is not an easy career path. It requires a serious educational commitment that typically takes about eleven to sixteen years to finish. First you will start with a four-year college and most of the time a few pre -medical requisites to complete your curriculum to apply for medical school. There is also the option that can be considered an accelerated medical program that allowed students to earn both a bachelors and a medical degree in seven years instead of typical eight. It doesn’t seem so bad, that is if you can afford to take all the necessary loans and have very little sleep for the next seven years and since residency will be on your calendar for the next three years if not more, and your hours of sleep will decrease gradually. Upon completion of medical school, graduates earn a doctored of medicine (M.D) and are now on the right path to

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