What Career Is Best Fit For Me

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When I think about the real world , those lyrics from Prince perfectly defines the meanings of life. The happiness, the struggles, and the discovery of why we are here on this earth.

It has been two months so far since graduation, and I am still discovering what career is best fit for me. Lately, I have been job-hunting almost everyday and it is exhausting, but I remain confident. I do plan on going back to school to earn my Masters as soon as I figure out what I want to do ,but lately I have been looking for stable jobs in order to start building my income and start paying my student loans.

During my job-hunting journey, I have experienced and learned so many lessons about job-hunting and how the job market works. Job hunting is a
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Pre-recorded one-way interviews are NOT professional at all it does not matter how "beneficial" it is. It is not natural to communicate to a web-cam and been given a very limited amount of time answering each interview question.
You can prepare as much as you want for each interview but you will end up answering a unexpected interview question.
HRs need more fun creative interview questions. For example, an HR asked me what television character most describes me the most. I understand that are questions that should be job related but it does not hurt to add at least 2 fun questions every now and then.
My Advise: Never feel inferior in front of your interviewer. Don 't fully depend on what YOU can do for the company. Depend on what the company can do for YOU as well. (similar to JFK 's quote lol).
Network with EVERYONE you know who can either get you a stable job to work until a better job comes along. Need more network folks? Volunteer ,or just get out of the house. You never know who you will meet.
My Advise: The more people you meet, the merrier.
The Asshole Critics
Never stress when a person ask you this basic post grad question, "What are doing now? Are you working?"
Never let haters say that your program of study was a waste of time! If you 're passionate about your major, YOU WILL make it in life. For instance, my program of study is Psychology and I am not regrets because I loved studying the mind and
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