What Case Represents Behavior Approach Of A Leader

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This case represents behavior approach of a leader, which evolved from being task oriented to relationship oriented and as a result leader has the most productive department in the hospital maintenance. Mark young is a head of the painting department in the hospital. When he took the job, the job was newly created because change was needed in painting services. As soon as Mark started his job, he basically restructures and reorganizes the whole department. He designed new scheduling procedure and redefined expected standards of performance. He emphasized that even thought he was a leader in his department, when he started the job, job was basically task oriented , he didn’t need any input from his subordinates . He was also initially strict about his expectation from painter due to the hospital environment. As time passed, Mark delegated his responsibilities to two new employees that he hired, and he became less demanding. He would take a small group of workers on a weekly basis to the sports bar for burgers on the house. This way he became very close with each his employee. He is a people oriented person, he enjoys working with people. He made people realize their good work is being noticed. Under his leadership, his department improved substantially and has seen as a most productive department in the hospital maintenance. Mark’s leadership is a perfect example of style approach which emphasizes behavior of the leader. Style approach emphasizes the
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