Essay on What Caused the Holocaust?

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The Holocaust could best be defined as the mass killing of about 6 million Jewish people during World War II. A lot of events led up to the Holocaust, during the Holocaust, and even after the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party and was held most responsible for this terrible genocide. The Holocaust was a terrible time in our world’s history. It all began after World War I when Germany was humiliated due to the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was given to the German power to sign following World War I in 1919. The Treaty forced Germany to give up land to other countries and any colonies that Germany had over seas were now owned by the League of Nations. Although Germany lost a lot of land due to …show more content…
He marched into a meeting of thousands of German government oficials led by the leader Kahr. Aldolf Hitler told the officials about the army outside and that a revolution was beginning. After many attempts at taking over Germany, Hitler was officailly appointed Chanclor of Germany in 1933 (Pridham, Geoffrey). The Holocaust immediately started once Hitler was in power. His first plan was to use the Jewish people as a scape goat for the German people to belive that they did nothing wrong in causeing the breakdown of Germany. The first concentration camp that was created was called the Dachau concentration camp which was located outside of the cit of munich. A concentration camp was the place that the Nazi soldiers held Hitlers scape goats as prisoners. This camp itself held close to five thousand prisioners. The Nuremberg laws was one reason that it was legal to keep people held prisioner in the concentration camps. The Nuremberg laws were a lot of laws that were antisemetic and helped to build on Nazi beliefs. Most laws were directed towards the Jewish population. The first law created was called “the law for the Restorartion of the Profesional Civil Service” which didn’t allow Jews to create and organizations or take part in most of public life a whole. Another law that was made later in that same month limited the number of Jews who were allowed to attend school in Germany. Taking away education from the Jewish people
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