What Causes Air Pollution And What Effect Does It Have On Us Essay

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What causes air pollution and what effect does it have on us.

At the end of my speech, the audience will be able to understand what is air pollution, what causes air pollution and what effect does it have on us.

What is air? That is the answer I want you to ask yourself. Air is an essential thing we need in our life. It is the most important thing in our life. Compare to food and water, air would be first because without air we would die instantly, without food we can last 1-2 month and without water 2-3 week. In the past decade we have tremendously tainted our air causing it to be polluted in a way that has hurt us more than help us.

Understanding what air pollution is, what it can cause and the effect it has on us.

Today I’m going to explained to you what is air and how precious it is to our life.
[Transition: Let 's me start by explaining what is air]
I. What is air and why is it important to us.
A. Air is very important to us because it is what we need to stay alive.
1. Air is what keeps us alive, we wake up every day breathing air.
2. Air is consists of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and other gases.
3. Air is an invisible gases that cannot be seen.
[Transition: Now that we have learn what is air that bring us to what causes air to be polluted.]
B. What is air pollution?
1. Pollution is a harmful material that introduces itself to air.
2. Air pollution occur when the air contain: gas, fume,
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