What Causes Anxiety Attack Research Paper

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he causes of anxiety attacks are numerous. In the US, the National Institute of Mental Health has been investigating what causes these attacks. Their findings have proven to be detrimental. According to the NIMH the causes can be summed up to four sources: genetics, brain malfunction, biochemical abnormalities, and environmental stress. * Genetics. Numerous clinical investigations regarding anxiety disorders have found out that genetics play a major role as to which persons will be afflicted by this disorder. If one or both parents are known to have this disorder, then there is a good chance that anxiety disorder may be passed down to their offspring. This finding would underpin the belief that mental illnesses aren't hereditary. * Brain Malfunction. It was also discovered by researchers that certain parts of the brain responsible for organizing whatever data the body receives from external stimuli become over reactive when exposed to certain kinds of stimuli. This malfunction gives rise to anxiety attacks. To discover this fact, the researchers did some experiments. The researchers tried to induce panic attacks to their research subjects by deliberately exposing them to stimuli that are known to cause anxiety. One experiment they did was dosing the research subjects with large amounts of…show more content…
Another part of the research done was to deliberately give doses of sodium lactate to the test subjects. Sodium lactate is a naturally-produced chemical by the body that builds up in the muscles during heavy exercise. It was found out that this was able to induce anxiety attacks. Because lactic acid is used as a preservative in most dairy products being sold today it may be a factor in creating the biochemical abnormality which is one of the causes of panic attacks. Another chemical that was found out to upset the chemical balance in the body is carbon dioxide. This is why when people hyperventilate they would usually have an anxiety attack
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