What Causes Conflict Between Team Members And Communication, Structure And Personal Issues

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In any business it is inevitable that employees will be working in teams. A work team is defined as an organized group, committed to the individuals within the group, whose members share the same intent of accomplishing a common goal. Businesses use teams because they can often achieve more than individuals, they can support each other, they can bounce ideas off each other, and they can creatively brainstorm together. Despite the recognizable proficiency of the use of teams in business, there is also an increase in the likelihood of conflict occurring due to the presence of overall differences among members of the team. What causes these differences, and how can they be managed and used to the company’s advantage? There are many factors to consider when determining what causes conflict between team members including communication, structure and personal issues. Communication factors are often the primary source of disagreement among individuals. Misunderstanding of information, differences in interpretation and perception, cultural differences and poor listening can all contribute to information being poorly communicated and causing frustration among team members. Structural factors, such as the background of the team members, infrastructure, participation levels and size of team can also play a big role in causing conflict. In smaller groups, something like majority rule will not work. Employees participating and committing to a final decision will avoid conflict
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