What Causes People From The Others?

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What causes people to cyberbully others?
Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Myspace. YouTube. Flickr. These are all social networking sites and they’re all part of what is at present known as social media. Ever since the creation of social media had occurred there have been another type of bullying that’s in our everyday life. The study from the cyberbullying research center, shows 20.4 percent of females of middle school reported to be the victim pf cyberbullying at least once at the age of 11-18, compared to 14 percent of male children, in a 2010 survey. (cyberbullying) The ones who get cyberbullied can encounter emotional distress, including outrage, disappointment, shame, pity, fear, and depression. It might meddle with their capacity to perform schoolwork. At times, it might make them change schools. Cyberbullying has additionally been connected to wrongdoing and viciousness, substance misuse, ownership of weapons on school grounds, and suicide. Why do people cyberbully others?
“Cyberbullying is the use of the Internet, cell phones, or other electronic communication devices to spread harmful or embarrassing information about another person.” (cyberbullying) The methods of cyberbullying are used in many forms, it can start by making up rumors about the victims, sending photos without their consent, making sexual remarks, and also most of the time threaten the victim’s life. The victims are likely to be aimed at females rather than males. The extreme cases that would endure the…
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