What Causes Racism Persists?

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LaMonte Patterson
Dr. Almas
English 132, Section 17
04 October 2017 lamonte.patterson16@gmail.com What Causes Racism Persists?
Could a tree be racist? Could a tree decide, based on race, how much oxygen it’d provide to the people around it? Could a tree emulate the evil of man? Regardless of how you’d answer those questions, trees and racism hold one important parallel: without their roots, they can’t exist. Roots allow racism, like trees, to live, build, and continue. Today racism persists due to the benefit racism offers the white collective, the confusion that inundates race and racism, the failures of leaders in the Black community, and the U.S. justice and police systems that disproportionately target non-whites.
Racism continues
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There is only one race: humanity. The white race, or any other race, is simply a tool used to divide one group from another (Ponds 23). The divisions that we live under today aren’t natural ones. They were invented by racists for the sole purpose of continuing racism. Asian-American, Black, Hispanic are all misnomers meant to highlight differences that may only exist in our brains. In the Eurocentric society, whiteness is used as the means of excluding most of the world from the privilege of being able exercise full freedom:
This meaning of whiteness is implicit in the use of the color white to refer to people whose color is actually more pink than white. Whiteness suggests an absence of color, a way of thinking that nonwhite people adopt when they refer to themselves as "people of color." The fact is that we are all people of one color or another. If white people referred to themselves as pink people, they would join the club of those who have one color or another and would be just like everyone else. (Altman 48)
Without the concept of whiteness, there is no white privilege or race itself. Racism combines the man-made notion of race with the power needed to discriminate.
If racism confuses you, anything else that you interpret will also confuse you, and your confusion in turn will preserve racism. If confusion surrounds race, it is only logical that it would also surround racism. As a people, we are confused. The most common
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