What Causes The High Crime Rates?

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Crime, no one like this words. Crime happened means that innocent people are being hurt. People would like to live in a safe area. According to the crime data analysis, the crime rate in Cincinnati was much higher than the U.S. average from 2000 to 2012 (http://www.city-data.com/crime/). With such higher crime rates, it not only causes bad impacts on local residents’ lives, but also reduces the population of Cincinnati—people are tending to move out of Cincinnati. To know why and what causes the high crime rate in Cincinnati, I chose four factors—the location of police stations , unemployment, median household income and population density—as my variable elements which may have a great impact on the crime rate. This research will use GIS to transfer the data to visual maps and some GIS tools to combine and compare the data between the crime and the other four elements.

Background/Literature Review
Based on my planning background, if I know what causes the high crime rate, it could be reduced by using appropriate urban planning tools. With some relevant studies:
• common theory that higher unemployment causes higher rates (Melick, 2003);
• Evidence has been found that tends to confirm earlier conclusions reached by Small and Lewis for New Zealand. Results indicate that the total rate of crime remains significantly affected by the unemployment rate, once complicating factors are controlled for. In particular, unemployment was found to have a significant relationship to the
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