What Changes Can Be Made To Solve Inequality For Women

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What Changes Can Be Made To Solve Inequality for Women in the 20th Century
Marisol V. Rangel
Lancaster High School
Word count: 1231

It is a constant battle women still have to face living in the 20 century of the unfair treatment between men and women. Two factors that are most often understood to demonstrate the inequality are occupational segregation and wage disparity. In 1960 women protested their dissatisfaction regarding the huge gender disparities in pay and advancement at the workplace. At the time women faced several difficulties in the workforce, on average women were being paid 60 percent of the male rate, not including the sexual harassment and having to deal with discrimination
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They constituted only 10 percent of the country 's aerospace engineers, 7 percent of its Hollywood directors, and 16 percent of its congressional representatives.”(Spar, 2012). Although we can see an increase of attendance from women and more of a participation, men continue to take the lead in the workforce. Instead of women taking their high education to lead a major corporation or creating their own line of work women are alternately working at an average work path.

Before individuals begin to work, both the female and male employees must be hired, sure enough men are more likely to be hired. A group of researchers from, Northwestern, Colombia and the University of Chicago, conducted an experiment to examine the discrimination that took place between the two genders, in a theoretical job opportunity that was based merely on the candidate 's’ ability to do a simple subject such as math. A direct quote from the researchers stated “We find that without any information other than a candidate’s appearance (which makes sex clear), both male and female subjects are twice more likely to hire a man than a woman, females were chosen 33.9% of the time,” (Ferenstein, 2014) when the same team conducted yet another study with the recruiters fully
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