What Changes Their Minds And Career Goals?

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Almost every young member of the fire, law enforcement or an emergency medical services provider in communities small and large want to be the chief of their respective service. This is a greatly respected dream and a goal but the reality of the fact is, most will fail for various reasons to reach that position. The failure is not due to mistakes or wrongdoing, but due to the demands of one time and sacrifice, demands and the overall responsibility that accompanies this position. Many choose to reach certain levels and remain below the rank of Chief but the question is, what changes their minds and career goals? Leadership is defined “as the skills necessary to integrate local rules,regulations and policies enable an organization not only to exist, but also to thrive and flourish in a given milieu” (Fallon & Zgodzinsk, 2012, p. 18). The members within an organization authorized to command decisions and the control over such areas as scheduling, purchasing, assigning tasks, providing public information and able to administer disciplinary action are viewed in leadership positions. Not all leaders are the same with some using fear and intimidation while others prefer to lead compassion and guidance as they strive for their organization 's success. A leader is required to be confidence in their skill and ability to influence others around them through achieving results desired. Abraham Lincoln stated “that nearly all men can stand adversity,but if you want to test a man’s
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