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Overview/Introduction In this analysis, I will address the following: (a) the main components to the success of Apple Computer, Inc., (b) how Chuck & Don.s has applied some of these successes, and (c) identify an additional company that could benefit from the lessons from this case. Success From this case study, four main components of success for Apple Computer Inc. surface: Innovation Strategic thinking and partnerships Marketing savvy Learning from past mistakes Apple Computer Inc. demonstrates a history of innovation. From its beginnings and introduction of the Apple II, to the Mac, to its more recent iTunes and iPhone, Apple has managed to maintain a competitive advantage and in recent years been able…show more content…
The company uses strategic thinking with its product design, the partnerships that accompany the products, and its approach to the current economic climate. As of January 2009, Apple had $25 billion dollars in the bank and was debt free; these cash reserves were intended to help Apple through the downturn and emerge with an improved competitive position and with better products (Snell, 2009). Apple has forged strategic marketing agreements with Volkswagen of America, Burton Snowboards, Nike, and Starbucks. These partnerships generate consumer confidence and exposure (Ireland, et al, 2009). The marketing strategy of this company is recognized globally for its creativity, consistency, and originality. Apple begins its marketing strategy with the product and follows through with well thought out campaigns that capture current and new customers. With the previously mentioned strategic marketing agreements, Apple has broadened its reach and gained new markets. With the focus of these agreements being solely on the iPod, there are exciting possibilities with the emergence of other Apple products. Learning from past mistakes – this last component is not as defined in the case study, but warrants mention. Many companies do not listen to customers and do not evaluate their own performance making changes to improve their brand. Apple is a company that has learned from its mistakes. When Jobs left the company in 1985, it Apple seemed

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