What Classification Does The Grey Shanked Douc Langur Fall Under?

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There are numerous types of monkeys in the world today, with all of them being placed in two groups.They fall under either the new world primates who inhabit South and Central America, and the old world primates who populate Asia and Africa ( http://www.arkive.org/ ). The major difference between the two is that have tails of the new world primates can latch onto and clench tree branches and objects whereas the others cannot. Another difference is the opposable thumbs which the old world primates possess, and the new world monkeys do not. What classification does the Grey-Shanked Douc Langur fall under? What are its origins, traits and other information pertaining to this species? This project pertains to the pygathrix cinerea or which it is more commonly know as the grey- shanked douc Monkey . It falls under the animalia kingdom, the chordata phylum, the mammalia class, the primates order, and the cercopithecidae family, the pygathrix genus,and the pygathrix nemaues species ( http://www.departments.bucknell.edu ). The body, and the majority of the arms, and lower legs are light grey with a paler underside, and their shoulders, upper legs, and part of their buttocks are marked with white patches. Their feet and hands are black while having the bare skin on their face being yellowish brown, and the areas around the mouth and chin which is white. Long white fur borders the sides of their face with a slanting eye, and their throats are white with an orange collar encircled…
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