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What Coaches and Trainers Need to Know: What is a Disability?
As the fitness industry continues to evolve, there are new challenges coaches and trainers are constantly faced with that they need to be able to learn about in order to adapt accordingly. As the population begins to slowly become more and more health-conscious, there are a variety of populations that participate in exercise--- but for some, there is greater difficulty than others. People with disabilities make up one of the largest populations in the United States, with over 50 million people reporting some form of disability (3). When the fitness professional thinks of the term disability, it is important to realize that the term reaches far beyond the realm of just physical disability that many people think of. A disability is defined by any physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, such as speaking, walking, caring for oneself, hearing, learning, concentrating, as well as limitations in the function of the respiratory, endocrine, immune, or reproductive systems (7). Disabilities can occur in a number of different forms including: amputations, spinal cord lesions and injuries (i.e., spina bifida), traumatic brain injuries (i.e., stroke), neuromuscular limitations (i.e., Parkinson’s), cognitive (i.e. Down syndrome), musculoskeletal (i.e., arthritis) communication (vison) medical (i.e., cancer), cardiac (i.e., CVD) and pulmonary (i.e., COPD), disorders. Every one…
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