What Coaching Basketball Is All About

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Coaching basketball is about strategizing and directing the movements and actions of a basketball team or individual player. Coaches strategize and scout opposing teams and find ways to defeat them as easily as possible. A successful basketball coach needs to now the understanding of how to play the game. A basketball coach must be able to manage the duties of the job by recruiting the top players, get them in shape, make a team, motivate players and teach them how to play the game of basketball. Coaching is usually done by a single person, with the help of one or more assistants. A coach is the face of the team, helping it achieve the public relations goals of the organization and build a positive image that will improve recruiting. (Edmunds). A coach is responsibiable for setting up and an environment so that the team can use its skills and abilities to their full potential. Therefor a coach has to make a game plan for each game, so that his team will be ready for the next opponent. A coach has to know his team and the opponent abilities to be able to match his team up with the opponent. A coach must know to mix the players who can start right away and players he can develop into starters. A coach may want to put 12-15 players on the roster just in case of injuries. To get ready for the season the coach starts putting in offensive and defensive plays the will run and teach the players situational plays to fit the team style and running practices. During a game a coach has
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