What Color Bead Bug?

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The purpose of the lab was to see what color bead bug would survive the longest in the environment. By performing the experiment, natural selection was being tested. Natural selection is when organisms that are most suited to the environment survive and reproduce more successfully. Certain colored bead bugs would survive longer, because they blended in. The bead bugs that are a more prominent color stood out more and were eaten right away. This experiment displays how the population of bead bugs changes over the generations, due to the amount being eaten and the amount of bead bugs that were reproduced.
Evolution is “the process by which organisms have changed over time” (Biology 450). Charles Darwin is responsible for discovering the the theory of evolution (Biology 450). Darwin was a naturalist and a scientist. He created the theory of evolution, by sailing around the world on The Beagle (Biology 451). While sailing, he filled a notebook with observations and discoveries of the different habitats and environments (Biology 451). His studies of organisms around the world led him to form his theory of evolution and his views on natural selection (biography.com). Natural selection is when organisms are suited to their environment. They will survive and reproduce more successfully. Darwin hypothesized that some organisms are better suited for certain environments (Biology 460). He thought if organisms have adaptations that are beneficial for their…
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