What Companies Should Do For Address Or Prevent Discrimination Concerns?

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Team’s Recommendations: Following are some of our recommendations for what companies should do to address or prevent discrimination concerns. These recommendations are based on indebt analysis of our survey results as well as from the research we conducted as a part of the survey:  Company: o Should have clear mechanisms to search, investigate and solve discrimination concerns promptly while maintaining confidentiality. o Make “Respect for other employees” part of the company culture.  HR should: o Conduct regular diversity trainings and information sessions to educate employees of their Equal Opportunity Rights, procedure to raise concerns and information on how the concerns will be resolved. o Educate employees on appropriate behavior…show more content…
She has suffered from major stress, anxiety, and has worked harder than any male counterpart to proof herself in this industry. Joan has worked in the oil fields for about 7 years. She started as an entry level engineer-in-training in the field and has worked her way up to management. In her experience, earning respect, and authority in the oil industry is significantly more difficult for a female than any male at the same level. She never reported any of the issues to Human Resources (HR) because, she was afraid that it would reflect on her reputation or she could make herself vulnerable to be a target for layoff. She was the only female and let alone the only engineer among a field crew of 15 male operators, working 12 to 18 hours on night-shift during her first year. Joan was bullied, and disrespected by many operators for being a female engineer on the job. She was told many times that she didn 't belong there as a female, and that she didn 't deserve the money. After a few months of "boots on the ground", she was able to finally earn her coworkers respect. The culture of the oil fields is still like the "wild wild west" she explained. Men treat women as an object of pleasure, with very little respect, rather than a peer or someone with authority. After a few years, she was promoted to a management position. She
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