What Company Has Become More Successful Than Other Chinese Car Companies

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How GEELY was developed and created
GEELY which is based in Zhejiang is a famous Chinese car company. However, GEELY is developing better and better. Hence the aim of this paper is to analyse GEELY and examine why this particular company has become more successful than other Chinese car companies.

GEELY was founded on the 6th of November in 1986. However, GEELY was started to produce fridges. In 1994, GEELY started motorcycle manufacturing. In 1997, GEELY entered the automobile industry. This company always changes the marketings and sells areas. It is innovation and creativity that helped the GEELY to sell more products, make a profit and become successful. Effective management is behind the development of this company in comparison to others. (Geely, 2014). It has been started that Geely transform marketing and sales techniques to be successful and this will be explored in this essay.

It depends on the marketing circumstance that GEELY company can choose what to sell and how. There is no doubt that GEELY constantly changes their selling strategy, because it is a successful one. Firstly, they design and make many economic cars and many cities of taxis that rise up the income. However, as time passes, many Chinese car companies have started to produce economic cars, GEELY has already began to make hybrid cars and electronic cars. Hence, it always leads to the other car companies.( Geely, 2014)

Secondly, GEELY conduce the marketing plan very well. First of all, the the

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