What Company 's Reputation On The Society It Serves

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Another harmful effect is the company’s reputation on the society it serves. Bracey (2015) confirms, “The reputation of a business is essential to its survival”. Discriminated workers will share their stories and complains with their families and friends, who can be costumers to the business. In this case, the company is losing not only the trust of one employee but also a group of potential ones. This may crash the success of the company’s reputation and employment. (Statistics new Zealand, 2010) Addressing the challenge: Providing equal opportunities is a very important theory in organizations for many aims such as attraction, retention, valuing, and for developing productivity (Newell, 1995, p.145). The Human Rights Commission has done a great job in 2010 when new policies were established to protect employees from being treated unfairly. The equality act of 2010 has signified a commission for racial equality and equal opportunities for both employers and employees (Acas, 2015). However, for any HRM to avoid discriminations and keep fair work environment there are some suggestions such as: Creating a modern non-judgemental work culture by promoting equality and diversity in workplace. This can be done by training all employees and managements, from HR Personnel to line managers to senior managers. Spreading awareness through the company to be expanded to societies will definitely improve the understanding of discrimination in work and what makes it in terms of
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