What Concept Or Idea From The Course Did You Research?

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I. What concept or idea from the course did you research?
For this chapbook assignment I researched the topic of anxiety. Specifically how anxiety affects students in differing degrees of education. I chose this topic because according to Anxiety and Depression Association of America one in five people suffer from different types of anxiety in the United States. This staggering proportion of people is what pressed my curiosity to find out more about anxiety. In addition to this I was curious about how it affects different people, and the different types of treatments for these conditions.
II. What were your initial thoughts about this idea?
From the beginning I was very curious about the different types of anxiety and what triggered them in different people. As stated above I was also very curious about the different treatments that had been developed and the various studies done on patients with varying types of anxiety. I was slightly worried that some of the more in depth sources from medical journal and doctoral dissertations would be too technical for me to understand. I was also worried that I would be unable to find enough resources pertaining to anxiety in individuals enrolled in some form of schooling.

III. What questions are you trying to answer with your research?
Originally I just wanted to understand the different types of anxiety that people enrolled in some form of schooling suffer from. But as I did more research I also decided to explore how they cope…
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