What Conditions That Lead To Guerrilla Warfare And Distinguishes Revolutionary Guerrilla Warfare?

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1. What are the conditions that lead to guerrilla warfare and distinguishes revolutionary guerrilla warfare from historical guerrilla warfare? – There are several conditions that lead a body of people within a state to the point of guerrilla warfare. Such factors can be found from an example of the policy used for the revolution of the Chinese people including: “1) Arousing and organizing people. 2) Achieving internal unification politically. 3) Establishing bases. 4) Equipping forces. 5) Recovering national strength. 6) Destroying enemy’s national strength. 7) Regaining lost territories” (pg. 530). In addition, guerrilla warfare must be included not only in the militaristic atmosphere, but also in the political atmosphere. Otherwise, according to Tse-Tung, the general population will lose confidence in the system and it will fail. Revolutionary guerilla warfare differs from historical guerrilla…show more content…
What do you think are differences and similarities between the type of guerrilla described by Mao and insurgents that have fought the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan? – The differences between the type of guerrilla warfare described by Mao Tse-Tung and the insurgents that have fought the U.S. in the middle east can be found on page 532. The insurgents have not followed or carried out the interests of the whole people within the states listed. The Shia make up only a small percentage of the Muslim population, however, they carry out most of the terrorist-style attacks on the general population. Therefore, the general mass is not satisfied and thus continues to go against the Shia population. On the other hand, some similarities include small unit leadership and tactics. Most of the terrorist style attacks originate from small rings within a terrorist cell much like the small guerrilla units of the Reds from China. In conclusion, guerrilla warfare must be a collaborative effort from the general population of a state and it must include both political and militaristic
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