What Constitutes Evidence For Physicians?

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What constitutes evidence for nurses? What constitutes evidence for patients? What constitutes evidence for physicians? How are they the same or different? T he movement toward evidenced based healthcare has necessitated change in practice approaches and a broader understanding of what constitutes evidence for physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and consumers. There is a significant amount of literature published regarding this practice change in all clinical areas. Not all literature is supportive of the use of evidence based medicine The original conceptualization of evidence based medicine was the integration of clinical experience with conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current research. However, there are differences in opinion regarding the value of evidence based medicine. An article written by Hermann W. Borg entitled “The Evidence Based Transformation of American Medicine” indicated that the ideal originally presented with evidence based medicine reflected a process of decision making by individual physicians in treating individual patients. This author notes that the ranking of evidence using randomized controlled trials as the highest level of evidence has devalued the role of intuition, clinical experience and theory derived conclusions in practice. Part of the concern addressed is the distorted use of evidence based practice by administrators, pharmaceutical companies and payers. Instead of an individualized approach to care
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