What Constitutes High Quality Education for Early Years provision?

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What constitutes high quality early years provision? In consideration of this question the assignment will critically reflect upon statutory descriptors of quality early years provision. It will analyse current policies and legislation drawing historical and international references for comparison and contradiction. When first considering the need for state provision of early years childcare the importance of the home was highlighted in the statement; "The home affords advantages for the early stages of education which cannot be reproduced by any school or public institution." Acland report (1908) It was further recognised however that home was not always the best place for young children to develop. Serious concerns were…show more content…
Not a 'make do' environment, direction was given to providing bright colours and ways for the children to explore their environment through play. Sand trays, pets, toys and music were necessary pieces of equipment in providing quality apparatus that would enable a young child to explore the world around them. The importance of sleep was also recognised through suitable provision. Both premises and apparatus within were to be conducive to allowing children to sleep when needed. The provision of open-air and sleep facilities are features that have transcended into the state provision of today as detailed in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. EYFS ( The Acland reports view on staff is that they should be female. In describing the necessary attributes the manager of a nursery should have, the reports states that She should be a "well-educated teacher who has been trained on Froebelian principles in the widest sense of the term." Froebel had deliberately recruited women as teachers at a time when the role was predominately male. His theories were progressive and developed at a time when teaching was formal and directed. His suggestion was that children should do something for themselves, and play was a vehicle by which this could be achieved. Pound (2005,pg.15) "The plays of childhood are the germinal leaves of all later life; for the whole man is developed and shorn in
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