What Constitutes a Profession? Essay

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Haili Jiang
GE6 The Professions and Public Interest in American Life
Midterm paper 1
Instructor: Shyam
During normal usage, it seems that the terms “profession” and “occupation” are almost identical and are interchangeable. Generally they both define the work people do for a living. However, after delving into their meanings, one can easily notice that the word profession is a bit more advanced than occupation. In other words, there are peculiar criteria or characteristics that an occupation has to meet in order to qualify as a profession.
In this essay, I will apply three different markers to identify whether an occupation is a profession: 1. A profession needs extensive intellectual training and usually has some type of
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Students wishing to become business administration professionals have to participate in undergraduate or MBA programs to get according degrees. Also when it comes to accounting, a subdivision of business studies, students usually need to take several years of authorized examinations in order to become Certified Public Accountant, shortened as CPA.
Secondly, business administrators have their income based on their knowledge, not actual products or services. Unlike what many people may assume, those who are involved in business administration are not merchants who sell products, but professionals who participate in different aspects of the trade process. According to Henri Fayol’s "the 5 elements of administration," business administrators have the function of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and budgeting. These responsibilities require a diverse range of studies such as statistics, economics and management like I said in the previous paragraph. Hence one can easily see that business administrators are employed to give instructions and information, not to do non-intellectual errands or to produce physical products.
Finally, business administration people provide important services to the public. According to the “Ten Rules of Economics”, proposed by N. Gregory Manbkiw, who once was the chairman of the Council of Economics Advisers and is
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