What Corporate America Can 't Build A Sentence

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According to Sam Dillon’s article, What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence, a study by the National Commission on Writing found from a survey of a 120 American corporation that in 2004 they collectively over $3.1 billion annually to improve employees writing skills. These were not just corporations whose livelihood depended upon skilled and professional writers, these were corporations from a broad spectrum of American business. I had no idea corporations spent this amount of money on remedial writing training for employees. When I restarted my college career to make sure as many opportunities in the corporate world would be available to me as possible, an English writing class was not where I wanted to begin. However, it was a requirement and I had no choice if I wanted to earn my college degree. Before taking this English class, I seldom wrote more than a general correspondence email or letter, and I never really thought about how well I wrote them, or were they even effectively written to convey the point I was trying to make. I was quite humbled by my grade on the second essays of this course. I thought I could write better than I actually can. This was an eye-opening experience that left me feeling like (knowing should I say) I am a sub-par writer. As the semester began, I felt like I was an average to good writer who had a solid grasp on the rules of writing. I never really paid much attention to grammar or clear concise wording. I basically would
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