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3.5.1 The Actual Cost section of the Form will be completed after the employee returns and is used for any travel reimbursement. All costs and travel times of the trip must be included on the Form, including costs that have already been paid by the City either directly or with a purchasing card, for which the employee is not seeking reimbursement. 3.5.2 No travel reimbursements will be processed without the completion of this Form. Receipts for all expenses regardless of who paid must be attached, excluding meal receipts. 3.5.3 The approved Form is required to be completed and submitted to Finance regardless if there is any reimbursement due to employee, within a reasonable amount of days from travel completion. 3.5.4 No travel advance or reimbursement will be paid to employees who have not completed travel Forms from previous trips. 3.6 Standard Mileage Rates 3.6.1 Travel for City business by the use of a personal automobile will be reimbursed at the current rates issued by the Internal Revenue Service; The Finance Department will keep the rates updated and included on the Form. 3.6.2 At the City’s discretion, if a city vehicle has specifically been made available to the employee for transportation and employee uses their personal vehicle the rate of reimbursement will be fifty percent (50%) of allowed standard rate. 3.7 Special Conditions 3.7.1 If an employee is reimbursed for travel expenditures from another organization the employee will not be allowed a
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