What Could A Normal Teenager Be Doing On A Friday Night?

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What could a normal teenager be doing on a Thursday night? Cleaning her room, of course. After my family finished eating dinner, my mom started to complain about how messy my beautiful room was. First of all, it wasn 't messy, there were just a few things on the floor along with half of my clothes. Books were scattered everywhere and a huge pile of homework was on my desk. Blame the teachers, not me. As I was cleaning, I found a book. It wasn 't just an ordinary book, it was the one that Leo gave me. I totally forgot about it and left it on the wooden floor. I 've had it for over 2 weeks now and I haven 't even read a single page. With the book in my hand, I laid onto my comfortable bed. No one has time for cleaning anyways. ~~~~~…show more content…
"Oh, thanks, I totally forgot about it," he said smiling. "So, did you enjoy it?" "Yep, the story really touching." "I know, when I first read it I couldn 't stop crying," he said, his cheeks turning red. Wait, was the most popular guy in our school embarrassed? I had to admit he looked pretty cute. "So, do you recommend any good books?" I asked. "Hmm, I haven 't really been reading much lately, so no." "Well if you find one, don 't forget to tell me." "Yeah, the same goes for you. So, what are you doing on Halloween?" he asked, changing the subject. Not this question again. "I 'll probably just be staying at home." "Would you be interested in going to a party then?" Me? At a party? Leo 's funnier than I thought. "No thanks. I rather stay home than get drunk and do things I 'll regret." "Alright then, but if you change your mind, just come here tomorrow night," he said, handing me a small piece of paper. Before I could say anything, the bell rang. He quickly disappeared through the crowd of people in the hallway. Apparently the party 's at 3175 Blue Ave. I didn 't even know that a street like that existed. I tucked the note into my pocket. Alright, time to go to French. ~~~~~ As I was heading towards the cafeteria, I heard a bunch of angry voices. Curious to see what was happening, I went inside. Alice Hunter, Britney Kane, and
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