What Could A Normal Teenager Be Doing On A Friday Night?

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What could a normal teenager be doing on a Thursday night? Cleaning her room, of course. After my family finished eating dinner, my mom started to complain about how messy my beautiful room was. First of all, it wasn 't messy, there were just a few things on the floor along with half of my clothes. Books were scattered everywhere and a huge pile of homework was on my desk. Blame the teachers, not me. As I was cleaning, I found a book. It wasn 't just an ordinary book, it was the one that Leo gave me. I totally forgot about it and left it on the wooden floor. I 've had it for over 2 weeks now and I haven 't even read a single page. With the book in my hand, I laid onto my comfortable bed. No one has time for cleaning anyways. ~~~~~ I finished My Last Wish within 3 hours. It was a short book with only 150 pages. Once a book has caught my interest, I could read on for hours. Yep, without going to the washroom, eating, or drinking. Impressive, right? I haven 't read such a touching book in years. Throughout the novel, I laughed, I cried, and I yelled out of frustration. Luckily, no one was around me or they 'll think that I was having mood swings. Now I can give it back to Leo, if I can even remember tomorrow. I looked at the clock on my white desk. It was 11:00, not too bad. I took a long shower and played games on my phone until I fell asleep. ~~~~~ "Here 's your book back," I said, giving it to Leo. He looked at me with a

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