What Criteria Do For More Important? Ideas, Proper English Grammar?

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What criteria do you consider to be of more importance? Ideas, proper English grammar or both? Support your answer. In order for a student to be able to make a logical argument or statement, proper English grammar is a requirement. Without it, the statement would be confusing and would not make sense. When we applied to UoPeople, we had our schools turned in our documents reflecting our command of the English language. Each student should be graded according to his work no matter what country they came from. When I turn in my work, I’m letting the teacher know that I am turning in a grammar free document. It is up to the instructor to verify my claim and grade accordingly. The UoPeople website requires students for proof of English…show more content…
Did the student answer the topic questions? Yes or no? If so, did he take a supportive, contradictive, or neutral stance in the argument? Then I start looking for his evidence with the sources. Did the student support his own opinion or argument, if so what research was used to support the claim? I normally look for who, what, when, where, why, and how the document supports the claim. The English grammar is assessed during the review of the document. If the document was not clear the school is asking us to grade it accordingly. Specifically with plagiarism. Referring to this week 's Learning Guide, design what you consider to be the most effective way of assessing learning. Please make reference to popular attitudes towards assessment specific to your country. Attitude towards assessment My fellow classmates, I would like to start off by letting you know that I do not agree with peer assessments, period. This document is not meant to sway, discourage, or place blame on anyone, or to complain about peer assessment. It is solely my personal observation of the peer assessment program at the school. We are in our third week in the University of the People. The school has placed a demand on us, as part the curriculum and grade, to assess each other. The claim according to the school, is that the assessments will help us understand each other better, and provide better leadership and learning education, all from each other’s ideas in the
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