What Defines Art? By Brett Martin

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What Defines Art? “History repeats itself in every aspect of life, but more predictably in art” (Clarke, 347). Brett Martin states when art attempts to take a step forward in today’s society through technology, “it is met with a lack of respect, indifference, or indignation, and must go through an acceptance process by the art world” (Clarke, 347). The idea of what art truly is varies by different beliefs and cultures. Martin states “certain paintings are viewed with differing amounts of significance” (Clarke, 351). There are those who believe in order for something to be defined as a piece of art, it must be accepted by the world. However, if art is seen differently by every person, how can it possibly be accepted as art by the world?…show more content…
While there is a substantial amount of videogames that involve violence, there are just as many, if not more, videogames that have no violence whatsoever. Martin explains how “videogames may only be regarded as an art form if movies are considered art. Is the Wizard of Oz art? Strong arguments indicate it is” (Clarke, 351). A similarity between movies and videogames is movies rely on special effects, unique acting, concepts, sketches, and much more, as do videogames. Martin continues “games continually strive to become interactive movies” (Clarke, 352). Through their unique stories and the way they tell them, videogames and movies are now extremely identical. “Videogame creators utilize many of the same processes that painters and movie producers employ. Concepts must be sketched out, characters modelled…. Landscapes rendered…. Narratives produced…. Music composed. In doing this, videogames compile all of the art world’s tools into one medium; drawing, painting, sculpting, design, architecture, creative writing…. acting all come together to create videogames” (Clarke, 350). There is an incredibly large variety of games as well. One of the most popular types, if not the most popular, is called a “first person shooter”. Clearly, an FPS involves the player shooting at targets or enemies, but the player sees the actions they are doing as though they were through the eyes of the character they are controlling. A second very popular
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