What Defines Art? By Brett Martin

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What Defines Art?
“History repeats itself in every aspect of life, but more predictably in art” (Clarke, 347). Brett Martin states when art attempts to take a step forward in today’s society through technology, “it is met with a lack of respect, indifference, or indignation, and must go through an acceptance process by the art world” (Clarke, 347). The idea of what art truly is varies by different beliefs and cultures. Martin states “certain paintings are viewed with differing amounts of significance” (Clarke, 351). There are those who believe in order for something to be defined as a piece of art, it must be accepted by the world. However, if art is seen differently by every person, how can it possibly be accepted as art by the world? Artwork is created for entertainment and it should be recognized videogames do just that.
“Many gamers argue the Final Fantasy game series is an art form because each screen is a beautifully rendered puzzle piece that creates an entirely imagined world” (Clarke, 350). It is extremely well known how “several artists use computers to plan, create, or finalize their art” (Clarke, 350) and yet, no respected artists showcase their work through videogame formats. When the non-gaming community think of videogames, they tend to think of them as a waste of time and of extreme unimportance. The majority does not tend to think of the story the game is trying to tell, or the moral lessons behind them, they seem to focus on the violence found within…

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