What Defines Gender? Essay

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Gender is not only what you see in front of you, the sex you were born with, but also how you think, feel act and react in some situations. It is how you were raised to be and how you shaped yourself to become as you grew up. It is a fascinating blend of biological, psychological, and sociological features.

The biology part of this is easiest for most people. Those people who were born unmistakably as male or female and developed normally as they went through puberty. If you fall into this category we can define that there is some chemical structure, some inbred instincts that make you psychologically male or psychologically female. There is significant research to prove that males' brains work in different fashions than
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Smell nice, look nice, taste nice, and feel nice. Most males aren't so picky, which is why women are more apt to being interior designers. This may be because of the socialization of the men and women tell them what stereotypes they are to be and their natural tendencies of psychological development followed that path. Men are more often stereotyped negatively then women, according to a study in "Gender Stereotypes: A Bias Against Men." I believe this is because men are the last safe targets for criticism, and also because to "be a man" our society has taught boys that they must be tough, strong, and never show a weakness, especially in front of a girl. This damages the natural emotions of males because the very same thing girls are brought up to do freely, such as cry, and talk things out, boys are discouraged from doing, and learn unhealthy ways of expressing their emotions. These are both sociological, and psychological. Females are also confined in boxes of who and what they can be. They can be at home moms, businesswomen, secretaries, waitresses, salesgirls, writers, teachers and caregivers, but what about construction workers, or soldiers, in the action law enforcement, or even combat pilots. Women don't even bother because they are told they can't do that, they don't have the strength, the emotional conditioning, or the general ability. They can, and some have done just that, women just are told so many
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