What Defines Human Nature And The Hierarchy Of Human Relations?

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What defines human nature and the hierarchy of human relations? In this paper, I will argue that Beauvoir 's view that society constructs man, maleness, and the masculine as the human standard (rendering woman, femaleness, and the feminine deviant and defective) is flawed. Although Beauvoir 's evidence was compelling I had several issues with some of the finer details such as what term designates a human being, that a woman 's body is considered disadvantaged, and that female nature is defective. I also disagree with her statement that woman can 't think of herself without man, woman is only a symbol of sex to man, and that man and woman are the Self and the Other.
Firstly, Beauvoir argues that man represents the positive and the neutral while woman represents only the negative. I feel that this statement is saying that woman is only what man are not. By making this assumption I infer that Beauvoir feels woman is only considered when man has reached the limits of their reach. However, I believe that man the line separating man and woman is inconclusive in its stance. When looking at what is considered masculine and what is considered feminine, there are some relatable similarities. For example, the work ethic of a man at work is similar to the work ethic of a woman at home. A man would be expected to complete his work load in a proficient manner and bring home money to the family. A woman would be expected to care for the family and the home in a proficient and timely
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