What Defines The Law Of Nature? Essay

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Julie Barba Mrs. Yennie Comp/Lit 4 March 2015 Identity Thieves What defines the law of nature? Our genetic makeup is what makes us individual from others, an unplanned decision that no one had control over; it was a decision dictated by nature. This scenario is the concept of the law of nature, something made by nature that cannot be influenced or changed by man. In 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that human DNA cannot be patented but synthetic DNA (cDNA) is patent eligible because it is artificially made. Human DNA is now strictly off limits, thanks to the court ruling versus Myriad Genetics in June 2013. The court ruling could not have been made possible without the people who pushed to make the case public, those whose genes were being patented. Breast cancer patients were being charged an excess amount of money to patent their human DNA which turned out to be an illegal act. Someone having the ability to own another person 's DNA was not something that was going to be okay. However, there are still blurred lines on gene patenting due to cases such as cDNA naturally occurring in retroviruses like HIV1. Although synthetic DNA can naturally exist in retroviruses and be patented, genetic laboratories should not be able to patent all naturally occurring DNA sequences and use them in genetic testing because it violates the law of nature. DNA are the building blocks of what makes each species unique from the other, which contains the essential information “needed for an organism

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