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Michael Garcia English 101 Prof. Toro 10/30/11 Essay #3 Douglas Cater, a journalist and practitioner of government power, once said, “The communications media in America carry on an enterprise more fundamental even than formal education to the well being of an open society.” In the last 50 years media influence has grown significantly with the advance of technology. There are so many ways in which to communicate including telephone, email, and television. Perhaps the most fundamental element of our education is through the use of TV, most notably with America’s children. Nowadays the most likely place to find an adolescent is in front of the TV screen rather than outside playing. The media’s influence on an open society is…show more content…
Both of these ideals are essential to the well being of an open society, and are distinctively American ways of thinking. Teenagers are rebellious by nature so they tend to watch rebellious TV shows that include cruel humor and make fun of popular culture topics that they are introduced to in school. South Park informs America’s youth that they have the right to choose whether or not they want to have an opinion on something, and that if they really care about something they need to strive towards reaching that goal. It’s important to look more deeply into comedic TV shows because they serve a much greater purpose than simply entertainment. The fact that South Park is so entertaining and informs American youth of the elements of American government society at the same time adds to its appeal and is part of the reason why the show is so popular. Consider Carl Matheson’s essay: “The Simpsons, Hyper-Irony, and the Meaning of Life”. His writing is quite convoluted: going through seven pages of digressions, including one about painting, quotationalism, and the idea of the crisis of authority, until he reaches his main point in the article which is to define hyper-irony in The Simpsons. He defines hyper-irony as making cruel fun of something in the most cynical way possible, only to then undercut the cynicism itself to show your cynicism is just as questionable as the thing you’re making fun of. Basically, hyper-irony is the condition of always questioning your stance
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