What Determines The Effectiveness Of Communication Process? Essay

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Introduction Communication is a primary aspect of our daily lives by which people exchange ideas, information, and opinions. What determines the effectiveness of communication process is the ability of the medium used to deliver the message to the recipient in a consistent format and to provide feedback. Several factors can hinder the communication process from taking place efficiently. These include communication channels used, message length, distractions, message clarity, availability of feedback, as well as the time it takes the message to reach the intended recipient (Ludlow & Panton, 2002). By choosing communication channel, it becomes necessary to consider the recipient, especially where applying technology to eliminate chances of digital divide hindering the communication process. Use of internet in connection is thus only necessary where both parties, that is the sender and the intended receiver of the message are familiar with the channel and are in possession of necessary equipment that will facilitate the communication e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or personal computers (Taylor, 2000). The number of global Internet users has enormously grown from less than 1 percent in the year 1995 to around 40 percent today. By the year 2005, there were around a billion users and this figure double by the year 2010. This number had risen to three billion by 2014. Asia leads in the number of internet users, commanding a 48.4%, followed by both North and South America at

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