What Developmental Milestones Impact On Child Development

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The specific developmental areas a growing child needs to develop is social, physical, interactive, cognitive and emotional (SPICE). Social includes interactions with close family and friends as well as teachers, other children and community members. Children do this by observing and participating in these interactions where they make an understanding of social norms and experiment with different behaviours (Huang et al., 2014). Physical involves healthy eating and exercises. Running, skipping, balancing, jumping contribute to the development of bones, muscles and body systems. Interactive is being able to communicate with others. Children interact with others to share/receive information, but also to learn how to communicate effectively. Cognitive development is gaining and understanding knowledge and teaching children how to learn. They can develop these skills by providing arrange of experiences in which they can be practiced. Emotional includes the child recognising their emotions and others. For children to develop their emotional skills they need to feel safe and valued by the people in their life. When children see you deal with emotions in a positive way it helps them to deal with their own emotions. 2. Explain what ‘developmental milestones’ refer to and the significance of these when considering a child’s developmental progress. Answer: Developmental milestones refer to the behaviours and physical skills in children during their development and growth (Crowley,
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