What Deviance Is Wrong?

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Coming into this class I thought I had a clear understanding for what deviance was. I am half way through undergrad and criminology and sociology are my majors for crying out loud I should know what deviance is. But could I be anymore wrong. My definition at the beginning of the course was someone who goes against your typical norms. They don’t stick to the status quo. A deviant person relates to criminals who openly break laws, and those who break social norms such as not getting married. Now that we are in the final week of class my definition of deviance has not necessarily changed but those who I would call deviant has changed. I find it difficult to have a concrete definition when our ideas of what is right and wrong changes all the…show more content…
No matter what example we come up with there will be some place or reason that makes the act not deviant. A key point I really came to terms with is deviant acts compared to deviant behaviors. After many discussions in class I’ve learned for the most part people are not deviant but the acts they commit are deviant. Such as, someone drinking underage or speeding, they are committing deviant acts but they as a person are not deviant. However, I do find there are always exceptions. For example, someone who is a serial killer, I would consider that person deviant along with what they are doing as deviant. I think it depends on the severity of the acts along with the frequency of the deviance being committed. I would consider career criminals to be a deviant person but someone who just commits minor deviance to not be a deviant person. I found the video about the people with mental health problems was very interesting to me. I felt bad thinking those who had these conditions and committed these deviant acts were at fault. But after watching the video I realized the situation is very difficult. Yes, there is no doubt they have to make a choice to stay on their meds, go to therapy, or whatever is necessary for them to function. But there was a man who was released from jail after ten years and was only given a months worth of his medicine prescribed to him. They told him to refill at his primary physician. How do they know he has a doctor when he has been in jail
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