What Did I Learn?

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What did I learn? Today’s society is inundated with a wide range of diverse people. These individuals have various backgrounds and experiences that make our country a true melting pot. In many parts of our nation one will find Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Muslims, Christians, Jews, rich, poor, and many more diverse people. Since the immigrant population is continuously growing, some school districts’ student population will be made up of over fifty percent kids of color. In some cases, fifty different languages might be spoken in a given school. Let’s not forget that there is still a large gap between the rich and poor leaving some schools to have a student body which consists of children from wealthy homes and children living in poverty. Coming from a small rural/suburban community, I am astounded by the diversification of many of our countries school districts. For this reason, I wonder why in this decade of diverseness these children are taught by the typical white, middle class, Christian, female teacher? As a result of the heterogeneity of our schools, community, and country educators must incorporate instruction that blends the different cultures and experiences into the twenty-first century classroom. By integrating multicultural and global education, students will gain the knowledge, skills, and demeanor to successfully participate in a diverse society. According to the book Multicultural and Global Education, multicultural education is defined as a
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