What Did It Say?

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What Did IT Say?
George Bernard Shaw said, “ The single biggest problem in communications is the illusion that is has taken place.” An illusion of communication often occurs when utilizing email. Email offers convenience and the ability to reach a large group quickly. Pressing send leaves the sender with the impression communication transpires. Receivers spend precious time deciphering the intended message when receiving unclear emails. Carefully considering the audience of your email, addressing what’s in it for me, (WIFM) and answering the five W’s, reduces the illusion of communication. Reading Jack’s email, he did not consider his audience, nor did he address the WIFM. Jack’s email is ambiguous, confusing and disorganized.
Goals and Five W’s
The goal of Jack’s email: to communicate upcoming changes to the company’s Sharepoint site and how these changes will affect employees. In answering the five W’s: the who refers to all company employees. The what: if active directory credentials unknown, contact the help desk, and instructions for signing up for the self-service password reset. The when: refers to the date of May 24th. However, the email lacks the exact timing of the changes as well as the duration of time the site will be unavailable leaving the reader unclear. The where: refers to the changes taking place on both the Sharepoint client software and the company 's portal website. Jack’s email does not address why. As an employee, I would want to
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